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Kumbum Jampaling Gompa, Lake Tsongon & Golmud

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Lady at lakeside     View near lake
One of the many mani walls (of slates carved with sacred mantra) (right)

Moon over lake    Scenic view
Moon over the sacred lake / En route back to Xining

Sunrise over the desert   Changtang desert
On the train to Golmud - the vast northern Changtang desert

Changtang desert   Sheila on train
24 hours on a train passing through a desert can seem a long time...

Golmud street
Glorious Golmud (11 200 feet)

Despite our very best diplomacy the Public Security Bureau would not allow us to continue to Lhasa

It took 6 days to get back to Hong Kong for our flights home
(train to Xining - train to Xi'an - flight to Guangzhou - train to Hong Kong)
It would have been much more challenging had the country not been
devoid of the usual many foreign tourists due to the Tiananmen affair...

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