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Kumbum Jampaling Gompa, Lake Tsongon & Golmud

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Sun and Moon pass     Sun and Moon pass
Prayer flags & cairns marking the traditional China/Tibet border
at the Nyima Dawa La (Sun and Moon pass) (11 150 feet)

Tibet from pass   Yaks and sheep
View to the west from the pass / Herds of yak, dzo & sheep being driven to summer pastures

Herdsmen   Lake Kokonor area
Barren countryside (right) around Lake Tsongon (10 500 feet) (better known by its mongolian name Kokonor)
It is the largest lake on the Tibetan plateau with an area of 1 700 sq miles

Nomad girl     Sunset over the lake
Tibetan nomad girl in yak wool tent / Sunset at the lake

Decrepit bathroom     Lake Kokonor
The en suite facilities at our overnight room (the bath taps were not connected) / The lake is saltwater

Tibetan lady     Lake Kokonor
Tibetan lady in her Sunday best / The rape flowers contrast vividly with the blue waters

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