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Overland Kathmandu to Lhasa

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The Potala from a small island in the Kyi Chu

Potala roof   Chokpori from Potala
Section of the Potala roof / View across to Chokpori hill and Palhalupuk temple from Potala roof

Maitreya   5th Dalai Lama chorten
Image of Maitreya in the Potala said to contain the brain of the saint Atisha (C11th CE) / The 55 feet high chörten
of the great H H The Dalai Lama V in the Potala (embellished with 3.5 tons of gold & jewels worth 10 times as much)

Potala  Potala
The Potala from Chokpori

Rock paintings on Chokpori
Relaxing amidst rock paintings & carvings near the summit of Chokpori

Barkhor   Barkhor
Scenes in the Barkhor

Barkhor   Barkhor

Tsangpo   Tsangpo
The Tsangpo (which becomes the Brahmaputra in the south) from the air

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