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Overland Kathmandu to Lhasa

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Jowo Chungwa   Ramoche temple
The Jowo Chungwa (C7th CE) the 2nd most revered image in Tibet in Ramoche temple (C7th CE )

The Potala from below

Palhalupuk cave temple  Palhalupuk cave temple
Decorated butter sculptures in Palhalupuk temple / The main shrine in the temple

Palhalupuk cave temple   Palhalupuk cave temple
Rock carvings in the temple cave / Shrine to Palden Lhamo - Guardian of Lhasa

Lukhang temple mural   Lukhang temple
Mural in the Lukhang temple behind the Potala

Drepung gompa  Drepung gompa
Ganden Palace at Drepung Gompa complex / Rock paintings on hillside at Drepung

View from Drepung  Drepung main temple
View from Drepung to the SE / Main assembly hall at Drepung which houses the chörtens of H H The Dalai Lama II - IV

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