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The bell tower of the C13th CE Torsång Kyrka in Borlänge / Interior of church

The organ loft /
The old gods lingered on when the church was built and an image of thunder god Tor was incorporated into the rear wall (top left)

The church setting / Ornäs Stugan timber house in
from which King Gustav Wasa escaped an attempt by the Danes to abduct him in 1520 CE

Carl Larssong
ården in Rättvik - the house of the famous artist Carl Larsson (1853-1919 CE) now a museum

Interior of Enviken Records in the town of the same name - Rockabilly capital of Sweden
Many thanks to Patrik Staffansson for his generous hospitality /
The small Pr
ästbodarna rural dairy farm in the Rättvik region

A sample of its handmade cheese

Some of the 35 cows (with bells) which graze in the forest

Farm horse / Twilight at Lake Siljan from Vida Blick

Midsummer pole at T

C16th CE Holen house at

The house was home to Gustav Ankarkrona (C19th CE)
a preserver of local skils, handicrafts & music

Scenes from the train journey
Borlänge to Arlanda

Many thanks to Gösta, Lisbeth, Helena, John & Ingalill for their generous hospitality

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