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Lumbini - The Buddha's Birthplace

Flying along the Himalaya from Kathmandu to the Terai in the far south

Maya Devi Temple in Lumbini commemorating Siddhartha Gautama's birth.
Surrounded by ancient ruins and prayer flags, this modern building
houses the archeological excavation of the original ancient temple.

The pool in which Maya Devi bathed before giving birth.

Monk meditating under a bodhi tree (Maya Devi gave birth standing up,
holding onto a tree). The pillar (centre) marks the spot of the Buddha's birth,
erected by Indian Buddhist Emperor Ashoka 245 BCE.

The Asoka Pillar (6m high but half is underground).

The Burmese temple / The Great White Chörten

The very impressive new Tibetan lhakang.

A cooling draught in the sweltering Lumbini Village / Sunset over the Terai

Kathmandu Valley

Bodhnath chörten - the major pilgrimage site for Tibetan refugees.

View west from Swayambhunath hill /
Swayambhunath chörten

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