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Arunachal Pradesh - October 2011

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Taktsang gompa   Taktsang gompa
Taktsang gompa near Sangetser Lake - built near a cave where the great C8th CE Indian Buddhist
Saint Padmasambhava (Tib. Guru Rinpoche) meditated for 7 days

meditation cave   Guru Rinpoche image
View up to the meditation cave from the temple / Image of Guru Rinpoche taken from outside a side entrance

Ladies making offerings   Taktsang gompa
Ladies preparing offerings at the back of the temple (left)

Mountain  Valley
In a few weeks the mountains will be snow covered & the area cut off

Lake  Cairn & prayer flags
Pangateng Tso (lake) / A cairn & prayer flags mark the pass next to the lake

Footprint in rock  Footprint in rock
A boy born 1682 CE at Ugyelling gompa near Tawang was recognised as the 6th incarnation of HH The Dalai Lama & called to
central Tibet in 1688 CE. Legend says that he planted a walking stick & made a prophecy that when it had grown into three trees
which touched the roof of his home he would return. On his way, at the spot now inside the above cairn, he left two footprints in
rocks, one facing towards his destination (left) & one facing back to his birthplace (right). He was enthroned in 1697 as
Tsangyang Gyatso. He disappeared mysteriously near Lake Tsongon (aka Kokonor) in east Tibet in 1706. In 1959, when three
trees had grown to touch the Ugyelling gompa roof, HH The XIV Dalai Lama fled from the Chinese persecution in Tibet,
entering India at Tawang.

Tawang  Tawang gompa
Tawang from above / Tawang gompa

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