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Goa, Panjim & Bombay

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Lush paddy fields en route to Panjim (capital of Goa) / Fishermen on the river in Panjim

Floating bridge across the river


The garden at the Venice restaurant in Margao - a nice place for lunch

Buying some chillies in the indoor market / Goodbye to our room - the remains of the balcony

Mumbai (Bombay), India

The evening view of the harbour from our room / The Radio Club opposite prepares for an evening "do"

The old colonial Police Station in Colaba district /
Plaque descibing the area as a centre of cultural activity and "a throbbing urban node"

Sheila checking thousands of rupees after a visit to the money changer

The Gateway of India at night / Young flower seller regrets a sales pitch that didn't work

Our favourite fresh fruit juice stall near the hotel / Derek enjoys the ambience of our Bombay local - the Gokul


  Sheila stocking up on presents in the Cottage Industries shop / The magnificent Taj Mahal hotel


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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2005  2006