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Page 2: LADAKH

The road winds down to the river valley floor / Main lhakang at Tingmosgang Gompa

At last, a cold beer to go with our packed lunch!

Stones spelling out the sacred mantra On Mani Padme Hum on mountainside at Rizong Gompa (1825 CE)

Rizong Gompa (11600 ft) famous for its strict adherence to monastic rules / Novice monks

Alchi Gompa (C11th CE) with its remarkable ancient carved wooden facia

Roasting barley to make tsampa (barley flour) the staple diet of Himalayan peoples

Overlooking the ruins of the palace at the previous capital of Ladakh at Basgo

Fertile valley with wheat and barley / Winter animal fodder, chillies and apricots drying on house roof

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