Spent Brothers Productions
Images of India
Goa & Bombay 2003/4

Prayer group in Goa
Itinerant prayer group in back street in Margao, Goa

Derek on beach   Sheila on beach
Christmas Day at Benaulin Beach, Goa

Fishing boat
Fishing boat sets out from beach

Margao Park
Margao Municipal Gardens, Goa

Sheila on hotel balcony   Sheila on balcony
Sheila on the tiny front balcony of "our" hotel room in Margao, Goa

Sheila packing
Packing for the return flight to Mumbai

G&T on hotel balcony
Derek on the balcony of Mumbai hotel with harbour behind

Sundowner of chilled white wine in Thermos on Marine Drive, Mumbai

Old Year effigy  Street procession
New Year's Eve "Old Man" image (representing the old year) carried round streets in procession
with frantic drummers and abandoned young men dancers in Colaba, Mumbai

New Yera revellers   New Year procession
Young revellers watch as procession nears crossroads where the effigy will
be set ablaze by a line of firecrackers - when it will explode spectacularly

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2003 2004 2008