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Man takes his pet bird for a walk to a local small park

Anti Chinese Communist Party protest in Causeway Bay condemning the treatment of Falun Gong followers in China
Such a protest would never be allowed on the mainland

Tempting display of chicken, duck, goose & pork in roastery / Durian fruit in greengrocers

Chilled live trussed hairy crabs on sale / Night scene from hotel

One of our all-time favourites - Chili Crab in a favourite tiny restaurant in Wan Chai

Sheila chooses our durian dessert for eating in the park (right)

Trams in Central / Old colonial buildings in Central dwarfed by surrounding highrises

Star ferry passing the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre / The 88 storey Two ifc building in Central - the tallest in Hong Kong

The Peak from the Lantau Ferry / Hydrofoil passing outlying island

Ferry boat passing  Kennedy Town / Arriving at Silvermine Bay on Lantau Island

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