The Henderson/Wells Line 1910-1920

Henderson Family Tree

UK Map   Henderson tartan
1 Location of Lybster, Caithness, Scottish Highlands
2 The Henderson Tartan
The name Henderson is in Gaelic MacEanruig... Those in Caithness and the north claim to be a sept of the
Clan Gunn and descended from Henry, son of George Gunn, "The Crowner" in the fifteenth century...

Henry Henderson   Rose Wells
3 Henry Henderson (b1887 near Lybster) (here photographed by Proctor & Co of West Croydon c1910)
Henry left Scotland and travelled down to join the London Metropolitan Police Force
He was present at the infamous Siege of Sidney Street in Stepney in London in 1911
4 Rose Wells c1910

   Margaret & Henry Henderson 1870s  
The Cormacks
5 Rose (née Wells) & Henry Henderson photographed by Lybley & Co of Anerley in Bromley in Kent
They were married in Lambeth in SW London in December 1912
6 L-R Margaret (Maggie) Cormack (Robert's sister), Margaret (Maggie) Cormack (née Henderson)
holding her baby Alex & Robert "The Post" Cormack in Lybster c1912

Group outside Lybster Post Office c1920

7 Group outside Lybster Post Office c1920  The middle of the three postmen is Robert Cormack

Christening photograph   Henderson family graoup c1920
8 Hand tinted christening photograph probably of George Henderson c1917
9 Henry & Rose Henderson with their three children, George, Marjorie & Henry (Harry) probably in London c1920

Harry, George & Henry   Rose Henderson
10 Harry, George & father Henry c1920
11 Rose c1920

George   George, Harry & Bessie Wells
12 & 13 George with Henry (Harry) & Bessie Wells who would care for him for some years
in Walberton in Sussex when his father Henry died prematurely in 1924

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2 Taken from Robert Bain  The Clans And Tartans Of Scotland  Collins  Reprinted Revised Edition 1950  pp150-1
5 8 10 12 13 Derek Henderson
3 4 11 Ross Skingley (Marjorie Henderson's son)
6 from Lybster 2000 by Donald A Young published by Norland (2002)
7 from The Book Of Lybster by Donald A Young published by Norland (1998)
9 Jackie Maude (Marjorie Henderson's daughter)

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