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Preparing to climb Yingtian Pagoda /
View from the top down on the park & (top right) the birthplace of pioneering woman revolutionary
Qiu Jin beheaded at age 29 in 1907 CE for plotting to overthrow the Manchu dynasty

Historic part of the city leading on to the former residence of Lu Xun (right)

Tempting food pack (right)

Delicious local dish of fried eggplant with green chillies & the local Shaoxing rice wine /
Moon over the city centre

This is our kind of place to sit with a cold beer or two (at 14p a pint) & to shelter from the rain

Rather attractive bridge over canal to the SW of the city

Our final banquet before leaving the city:
freshly steamed prawns with  soya & vinegar dip / stewed bean curd, cabbage & smoked pork /
freshly steamed scallops with ginger & chinese vermicelli / freshly fried crab / fried eggplant & celery / mutton spare ribs


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