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June 2016

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Temple complex  Temple complex
The Kharchu temple complex on a hilltop overlooking Jakar

Smal girl   Dried cheese
Small blessing attendee / Strings of dried "yak" cheese in shop (the yak is actually the male, the female is the dri)

Giant banner of Guru Rinpoche  Kurjey temple complex
The opening of the Kurjey festival - the huge thongdrel of Guru Rinpoche is unrolled. This is only opened & hung once
a year at the one day festival. Local people queue for hours to be able to approach & touch it to receive its blessing

Festival attendees  Three girls in their best clothes
The local people wear their finest clothes to attend the festival

Monks performing ceremony  Festival
The festival proper opens with monks performing a religious ritual in front of the banner

Festival dancers   Pilgrims
The dancing begins, viewed by pilgrims perched at all vantage points

Girls dressed up  Singers & dancers
There are some very colourful outfits / Mixed group performs dancing songs

Girl singers  Dancers
Girls perform dancing song / More costumed dancers

Dancers  Dancers

Dancers  Dancers

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Photographs © Derek & Sheila Henderson 2016