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June 2016

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Jakar Dzong  Kurjey temple
Jakar Dzong in Bumthang / Preparations at Kurjey temple for the festival the next day...

Raising ht eprayer flagpole  Raising the prayer flagpole
...raising one of the tall prayer flagpoles

Long trumpets emerging from windows  View across Bumthang valley
Ends of two long telescopic trumpets emerging from upper storey windows / View across the valley from Kurjey temple

Erected flagpole   Other temples in the Kurjey complex
There's one flagpole erected / The courtyard of Kurjey & the other temples

Mantra painted onto rocks  Religious token on rock
Religious mantra & tokens on rocks outside the temple entrance

Kurjey temple
Kurjey is a very sacred place. The temple is built around a meditation cave of Guru Rinpoche. The tree behind the temple
grew from the Guru's walking stick when he planted it into the ground, also liberating a spring of holy water

Old traditional house   Jakar road intersection
Nice old house / Road intersection in Jakar town. The royal family are very highly esteemed throughout Bhutan.
Pictures of the present king & queen & the previous ones are found in every shop, restaurant & home

Old monk  Jakar town
Old monk enjoying a bowl of noodles in soup in small Tibetan restaurant / Jakar town

Traditional tents  Temple
Traditional tents erected as sheltered seating for pilgrims attending a special blessing ceremony at the Kharchu temple

Unusual red prayer flags  Pilgrains attending blessing
Unusual red prayer flags celebrating the blessings being bestowed by a high lama / Pilgrims queuing to obtain blessings

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