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June 2016

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Trongsa Dzong  Trongsa Watchtower
Trongsa Dzong from across the valley / Trongsa Watchtower

Trongsa Dzong
Trongsa Dzong

Nimalung temple  Nimalung temple
Nimalung temple in preparation for the festival the next day

Nimalung temple  Monks
The main courtyaard / Monks carrying ritual banners

Festival - girlas sing & dance  Monk orchestra
The festival begins with girls performing folk songs and dances / The monk orchestra

Religious dance  Dancers
The festival contains a number of different symbolic dances by elaborately costumed male performers
The dances fall into three broad categories - morality dramas, purification and protection dances,
and dances that proclaim the victory of Buddhism and the glory of Guru Rinpoche

Villagers enjoying the festivities   Dance
Local villagers enjoying the festivities / One of the two jesters with a group of dancers

Jesters & dancers  Dancer
The jesters provide light relief throughout the festival, mimicking the dancers & generally poking fun at all & sundry

Dancers  Onlookers

Dancer   Dancers

Dancers  Girls dance & sing

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