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June 2016

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Asia map
Bhutan is a Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom south of Tibet & north east of India

Bhutan map showing route followed
Route followed: east via Thimphu, Wangdue, Trongsa to Jakar in the Bumthang region

Decorated house in Paro  Kyerchu Lhakang
Traditional decorated house in Paro / Kyerchu temple north of Paro built by the Tibetan king Songtsen Gampo in C7th CE

View of Taktsang temple
View up to Taktsang Hermitage from the track leading to it

Taktsang Hermitage
The spectacular Taktsang Hermitage - the most sacred site in Bhutan

Handicraft shop in Paro  Paro main street
The phallus symbol is common in Bhutan - a good luck symbol with the ability to repel evil spirits /
Buildings in Paro's main street

Countryside aaround Paro  View of Paro Dzong
Countryside around Paro / Paro town and the Dzong

Before heading east we visited the Ha valley

En route to the Haa Valley  Old house in small town
En route to the Ha valley in west Bhutan / Old house

Building in Nagcho  ATM in Nagcho
Building in Ha town / In Bhutan all buildings must retain elements of its tradition design - including the ATM

Coutryside  Countryside
In the Ha valley

Terraced crops  Old house
Terraced crops on hillside / Traditional house

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